Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Lovely afternoon, warm enough to work in a t-shirt rather than three layers of fleece and a waterproof. This is March, in Scotland. Weird or what?

Anyway, it was a nice afternoon for a potter and to tidy up a few of the rougher edges. There are still plenty of rough edges of course, given that I'm using  mostly scavanged timber and my woodworking "skills" are pretty dire but still, I'm getting it done.

Usual overview.....

Ground level shot, from the back door looking up to the greenhouse


Going downhill..

It's all looking most promising, no? One thing though...That is a Gnomeo standing all alone in the bottom bed. Princess won him in a draw. Anyone got a lonely Juliet that fancies a change of garden?

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couthyquine said...

Oh, Gno, you can't leave Gnomio all on his own!