Monday, 19 March 2012

Down to the bottom.

I had another productive day down in the garden today. Hubby's car is in the garage which means Hubby has to take my car to go to work and I get stuck at home. Which is okay, actually, as it means I don't have to run around doing errands or taking kids to things. I just had to pull in a few favours for lifts for the kids and then spend the afternoon in the garden.

Here's where I've got to...

Now you may think this is progressing at a snails pace but I'd like to point out that apart from Lad carrying up a bag of compost for me the other day, every single thing has been done by me. And that includes going to B&Q and buying slabs and timber, lugging these into the garden, digging out every last teaspoonful of soil etc etc. So I'm quite proud of the fact that I put the last path slab in today, only a month after I started work in earnest. (We'll ignore the fact I managed to crack that last slab, bah, but I've got a spare.)I have reached the bottom of the terracing, in fact. The beds are all in!

So I've got about another two afternoons of tweaking the woodwork, making the last of the boxed in herb planting areas at the ends of the paths, laying the last three slabs outside the greenhouse, topping off the second bottom bed and giving the place a bit of a sweep and tidy up.

Then? Well, then I can actually plant something. No idea what though...I haven't even drawn up my growing plan for the allotment this year yet. I'm hadrly going to be short of crop space this year though so I think I'll concentrate on making the garden beds pretty and building up the soil fertility this year.

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