Friday, 4 January 2013

State of Play.

Here's a photo from the usual angle. I took it yesterday and as you can see, it's a bit of a damp and overgrown mess at the moment.

Not to worry, it's all superficial stuff. First bit of good weather after the kids go back to school and I'll be out there to give the place a tidy up, then I'll feel more inclined to make the necessary long term plans.

I need a a new greenhouse as the old wallhouse is literally falling to bits. It's fourteen years old and and wasn't an expensive one to start with so it's done well but whether I'll simply replace the wallhouse or go for something bigger is still under consideration. I would like a bigger one to play with but the garden isn't that large, I'm considering replacing the wallhouse for propagating and getting one of these for summer use only. Of course if money was no object I'd buy a Keder greenhouse but ahem, you could buy a second hand car for the same money as the smallest one of these. I've seen the Parasene greenhouse, it's like a sturdy pop-up tent with guylines and it folds small for storage.

I'd like a new shed. I'm currently using the kids' old Wendy house as a shed but it's not big enough, not tall enough for me to stand up in and the roof is starting to leak, amongst other damage. It's fourteen years old too, of course.

  I need to cut some more beds, to give me more growing space. I've got room now that the climbing frame and useless pear tree have been removed from the centre of the garden but until I decide on the type of greenhouse to get I'm not able to plan the beds.

Decisions, decisions! Once I get out there and do some work on it though I'll gradually work out what to do. I don't do well with making plans on squared paper, I do much better fiddling around with sticks and string and a spirit level. So watch this space. :)

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